Le Mon, Feb 25, 2002, à 08:05:44PM -0800, Geoff Gerrietts a écrit:

Think you mean NEWS -- I did find it, with a grep, and grinned when I
"In general, don't call ./ at all if your system is not on
the bleeding edge." (which mine definitely is not :)

I wouldn't have tried to build from CVS at all if the font width
problems I patched weren't making it unusable for what I was trying to
do. :)

Hehe... the snapshots include a pre-autogen'd "configure" script (it's
broken sometimes, but I don't think it currently is)
Anyway, a patch attached. Not sure if it's really the best way to do
it, since it appears to this mere mortal that future versions of Gnome
will include the intltool package, and I'm treating it like a
full-blown dependency. I guess it doesn't HURT to check for it as if

dia is not totally dependent on GNOME; there can be a 'pure gtk' build.
Therefore, your patch is useful. I'm applying it. Thanks !

        -- Cyrille

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