Presentation and interactive diagrams


My name is Ibon, I'm spanish (so excuse my poor english) and I've used Dia
for generate some diagrams. I want to thank to all developers for this great
program, that I find it very powerful.

I've been working to generate a interative diagram using PHP-XSLT-DIA. And
I've success, so here I'm saying what I've done and how, that could be
useful for the rest of users.

The best way to understand what I want to say with and "interactive diagram"
is to visit this site:

The first png is a simple diagram, but the second one has a clickeable map
(generated automatically) that links to the same page, but sending info in
order to see diferent information of the same diagram (this png are
dinamically generated too).... Visit the site is easier to understand :-)

I've been in the Dia homepage and I haven't seen any example of diagrams, so
if you think that these diagrams are useful you can take them, without any
special permision.

For generate dinamically the pngs I've used the comand line export option,
using a xslt-modified dia archive in order to show what the user want to see

I'm going to link all the used code, so you could see all the process
and all the used files. I've used PHP and the XSLT module, some XSL files to
transform the source XML dia file into the clickable map and into the
modified XML dia file that it converted into png. The process is simple and

The only "problem" that I've found to do all the process is that Dia needs a
X session to work, and I was wondering if it possible to use the command
line export option without this need (I am not a programmer, so if I'm
saying stupid things, excuse me). If it's possible to do the export process
without any gtk-display, I think that Dia can be easily use to these kind
of interactive diagrams.

Thanks for the attention.


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