Re: Presentation and interactive diagrams

Le Sun, Feb 10, 2002, à 11:00:57PM +0100, Ibon Urretavizcaya a écrit:

The only "problem" that I've found to do all the process is that Dia needs a
X session to work, and I was wondering if it possible to use the command
line export option without this need (I am not a programmer, so if I'm
saying stupid things, excuse me). If it's possible to do the export process
without any gtk-display, I think that Dia can be easily use to these kind
of interactive diagrams.

It's certainly not stupid, and you certainly did very cool and innovative
things with dia; I love that !

Unfortunately, for Xless dia export, there is a problem; please have a look
at for more details.

        -- Cyrille


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