Re: Presentation and interactive diagrams

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Ibon Urretavizcaya wrote:

My name is Ibon, I'm spanish (so excuse my poor english) and I've used
Dia for generate some diagrams. I want to thank to all developers for
this great program, that I find it very powerful.

I've been working to generate a interative diagram using
PHP-XSLT-DIA. And I've success, so here I'm saying what I've done and
how, that could be useful for the rest of users.

The best way to understand what I want to say with and "interactive
diagram" is to visit this site:

That's a beautiful use of Dia.  Is it OK if we link to your page from the
Dia page (this will create some more traffic)?

The only "problem" that I've found to do all the process is that Dia
needs a X session to work, and I was wondering if it possible to use the
command line export option without this need (I am not a programmer, so
if I'm saying stupid things, excuse me). If it's possible to do the
export process without any gtk-display, I think that Dia can be easily
use to these kind of interactive diagrams.

There are fake X servers available, but running Dia without GTK would be
difficult at best.  For one thing, text widths are calculated by GDK
(though that can be done with FreeType now, but it asks X for font
information, too).  Hmmm... looks like I broke PNG export in CVS by adding
a dialog.  Gotta have a check for noninteractiveness.


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