Re: New Shapeset -- What Will I Need To Do...?

Le Fri, Aug 30, 2002, à 07:08:01AM -0700, Andrew S Halper a écrit:

Yes, I agree.  I don't think I'm as squeamish about GTK programming as 
Tim, but it seems like StdProp is the thing to try first.  Just wish it 
was a wee more documented ;-)  Well, that's probably something I should 
do, rather than complain about.

I will help you on that; I also think it's too low on documentation;
sometimes I with it was better documented </grin>. There are a couple people
here (and one who to my knowledge never wrote here but with whom I had very
interesting exchanges) who climbed a fair part of the learning curve; a
collective brain dump would definitely be helpful. 

Maybe we should begin to look at doxygenating the project ? OTOH, while doxy
rules on C++ (and reportedly on Java as well), I'm not convinced it's that
stellar on C code (especially AHOOC (Ad-Hoc Object-Oriented C) like dia or

Another thing we could do would be to start a Wiki to shape the
dia internals documentation (using various archive posts, if someone wants
to dig them out...). I'm going to look at installing one somewhere.

        -- Cyrille


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