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On 23 Aug 2002, Christian Tellefsen wrote:

Date: 23 Aug 2002 16:23:35 +0200
From: Christian Tellefsen <christian tellefsen net>
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To: dia-list gnome org
Subject: Re: new user question (offtopic, evolution)

On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 16:15, Alan Horkan wrote:

I already use Pine (am trying to configure mutt nicely and then start
using it instead or maybe i will try Evolution).
But there is probably some hidden option buried somewhere in Micrsofts
prodcuts that allows you to turn of the HTML.   I will really have to put
together a tutorial on how to turn off HTML in various mailers, i am
always asking people to do it.

Evolution is really nice, even though it does eat approx. 30 MB disk

I was considering mutt because of better integrated crypto, but its IMAP
support is dubious from what i have heard
vFolders and the fact that it is Gnome graphical emailer attract me to
evolution although i hate the Outlook inteface that it resembles (but
maybe i could provide useful feedback).

space, and some ram. I converted from pine, and I'm not going back. :)

space and ram!

Moores law is increasingly making a mockery of the pain in the ass
installation systems that linux developers seem to prefer.  (Learn from
Apple and) Give me convenient fat binaries! it would take me less time in
the long run.

Linux may not have framented like unix did but the various package
managment systems and inconsistancies are a royal pain in the ass (alien
is a pretty cool utility tho').  why the f cant the gnu people write a
decent man page, why did they need a whole new format? The LSB is a good
start but only a small start so much more is desperately needed. <sigh> it
annoys me but it can get better.

And, html is turned off by default! :)

small mercy.

I think there's a lot of dependencies though,
but under debian it's just an apt-get install evolution.

Apt get is great but not just a debian feature.
Sometimes debian package managers can be annoying belligerant little
dictators.  There is only one Debian which makes packaging a lot easier.

*chant chant debian debian*
(please ignore :o)

dont you mean Debian Gnu/Linux!  (dont forget to be extra pedantic and say
"Guh-nu Slash Lee noooks".  Bitter lemons, bad experiences from holier
than thou BOFH type Debian Gnu/Linux users)

I like Gnome, i dont much care what it is running on, but a prefer
distributions that prioritise convenience and ease of maintainance.

I will try and let this thread end here.


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