Re: new user question (offtopic, evolution)

On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 16:15, Alan Horkan wrote:

I already use Pine (am trying to configure mutt nicely and then start
using it instead or maybe i will try Evolution).
But there is probably some hidden option buried somewhere in Micrsofts
prodcuts that allows you to turn of the HTML.   I will really have to put
together a tutorial on how to turn off HTML in various mailers, i am
always asking people to do it.

Evolution is really nice, even though it does eat approx. 30 MB disk
space, and some ram. I converted from pine, and I'm not going back. :)
And, html is turned off by default! :)

I think there's a lot of dependencies though,
but under debian it's just an apt-get install evolution.

*chant chant debian debian*
(please ignore :o)

- Christian

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