Re: WIN32 compilation, UML Sequence Diagrams and Inheritance arrows and the spirit of GNU software.

At 16:19 19.08.02 +0200, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Le Mon, Aug 19, 2002, à 06:32:08AM -0700, James Michael DuPont a écrit:
Dear All,

I have been very frustrated multiple times by the mess of the win32
build environment, and I have to say that it is time to make some
improvements here.


I don't want to be pointing fingers, and I understand your frustration, but
until now, Hans Breuer is the only one doing compilations. He knows the GPL
chapter and verse, for all I know.  
Yupp. And I'm still pretty sure my binary distribution with enough
pointers to where to get the source as well as checking in everything
needed - beside some knowledge and the compiler - into gnome cvs
did fulfil the GPL requirements.

However, he might be in vacation (I
don't know for Germany for sure, but in France August is a very popular
month for vacations...).

Not at all. To much work at work. And after reading mikes first 
complain mail again at least I know why I didn't answer it.
(To much basics to explain there)

All I know on Win32 is that mingw32 support is broken (if it ever worked),
and the right way to compile is to use MSVC++ 6.0 no more no less (Hans,
feel free to correct if I'm wrong).

MSVC 5.0 - 7.0 are tested and work. It should be quite simple if
one reads glib/README.win32

Hans web page says here [2]:
>>I'm using MSVC 5.0 command line compiler as development
environment. >>All the win32 make and other files should be
available in gnome cvs. >>If not it would be a bug of mine. But
be warned: Dia on win32 is not >>yet ready to be build by

I stand corrected. He uses MSVC 5.0. Load the dsw (project file) into MSVC
5.0, and try to compile. 
There is no dsw file in all of gnome cvs. It's just much cleaner
to use handwritten makefile.msc as well as nmake. Beside not 
depending on a specific compiler/ide version this is much more 
manageable for about 140 gimp plug-ins or about 20 dia modules.

He mentioned several times he uses CVS versions of
gtk+, you'll have to ask him.

gtk-1-3-win32-production branch (this is almost gtk+1.2 api)

Well if you distribute the executables, then it is your duty to make
the stuff complete and up to date. You cannot just put that on to me to

GPL demands that the stuff is available, it does not mandate free (gratis)
technical support. I believe Hans retains no file, and CVS includes
everything which is needed to build on his platform, except for the
libraries which are available elsewhere. 
Very true.

Happy ?

Nope. He's complaining elsewhere. Maybe he can stop Gimp binary 
distributions, too ;-)


PS: one likely outcome of deliberately pissing off people like you just did 
is the removal of Win32 support, plain and simple.

Please don't do it in the cvs sources yet :)

-------- Hans "at" Breuer "dot" Org -----------
Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to 
get along without it.                -- Dilbert

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