Re: WIN32 compilation, UML Sequence Diagrams and Inheritance arrows and the spirit of GNU software.


Please understand my concerns about the license question,
I may have insulted you, maybe unfairly. Please do not take my
questions as a threat to you legally. 

I am just venting frustrations that must not only be my own, this might
be inflammitory. I hope to bring some sanity to this all.

It may be that all the instructions are there for building and that I
am not smart enough to follow them. I would like to be able to build
all the programs from thier sources. 

Is it possible that you provide just the source code for all the parts
that make up the dia system for windows?

It is just that there have been so many version conflicts and 
inconsitancies between the different build models of cygwin and msvc. 
I have tried to port the dia and its gnome dependancies to cygwin, and
also to mingw32. 

Also the python libs I tried to get running, only to land in dll
version hell. 
At the time (two months ago when I wrote to you) the dlls from tor were

My questions about the sources are not only my own. 
Please help and provide the users instructions on how to get 
the dia compiled from sources. I am interested in porting the dia, and
have spent the past 4 hours of my evening trying to get it to compile
from scratch. 

Is it possible to just zip up a directory and delete out the object
files and send that? There are so many dependancies, there must be a
way to get to build from scratch. Or did you as well compile using dlls
and not the full source codes of the intconv and gettext?

you wrote on the web page : 
Not anymore. There is some rumour on dia-list and some more in mail
to me privately that my distribution of Dia binaries doesn't conform
the GPL. Instead of putting more of my spare time into teaching how to
use a compiler and nmake under windowze, and get all the dependencies
into a simple environment for dummies, which btw. is to some extent
described in glib/README.win32, for now this is the removal of Win32
binary support, plain and simple.

I intend on packaging and distributing the DIA build based on your
Please provide whatever help you can to build it. 
I enjoy using your port to windows, and want to help improve it. It is
just very frustrating to try to get all the original sources of all the
libs to compile from scratch. 

I will post my mail that I sent to you privatly to the list. I am just
asking for help getting the source code of the binaries that you
published. That is my right under the gpl.


James Michael DuPont

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