Re: Dia's user interface

"Young, Robert" wrote:

Lars Clausen wrote:
Now's the question:  Is there some more relevant information
to put there?
Currently selected tool?  Number of objects selected (after a select
operation)?  Something?

Current coordinates would be great (even which page you are currently in) -
in the currently selected units :-). When dragging, the offset from the
original drag point in x,y and distance (sqrt(x^2+y^2)). I know this makes
it just like a CAD program, but in many ways Dia is a CAD program - when

Some more ideas:

- While resizing a box / object; show the current size of the object
- Ditto while moving; show the current position
- When selecting objects: The number of selected objects
- When selecting (single?) object: It's size and perhaps position
- The x,y coordinates of the mouse pointer
- The unit of the coordinate system being used
- If autosaving is implemented: Flash a message (e.g. "autosaving...")
while/whenever this occurs

BTW, thoughts about what happens if the diagram is modified at the same
time as autosaving is in progress...?


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