help me compile CVS?


I need to make some hacks on Dia so I can use it for my thesis (I require TeX math intermixed with text).

Specifically, I want to fix the text size and alignment in pstricks or make render_eps build a .tex file so I 
can use psfrag.

I would rather work on CVS code, but I can't get autogen to work on this RH7.1 system.

I get errors like this:
aclocal: 124: macro `AM_LANGINFO_CODESET' not found in library
aclocal: 125: macro `AM_ICONV' not found in library

Could somebody just mail me a "configure" generated by recent CVS? I'd rather hack the code then fight with 
auto* stuff. (I don't have
root on this box, so I can't use rpm's, I have to compile from scratch)

Mark Rages
markrages mlug missouri edu

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