Re: Review of Keybindings [Re: Dia's user interface]

Adrien Beau wrote:

On Tuesday 23 April 2002 07:43, Ben Hetland wrote:

The Norwegian keyboard also has this "third class" mania...
Some priorities are very strange, for example the so
important @ as AltGr-2, while the ¤ (generic currency?) being
at Shift-4. I never use the latter, anyone know what it's
used for? :-)

Now, with an iso-8859-15 font, you have the Euro there,
so it might become somewhat useful. Unless your OS is

The Euro symbol is actually on AltGr-E on the N. keyboards...
The £ and $ are on AltGr-3 and AltGr-4 respectively, and the ¤ still
there at AltGr-4, so there appears to be a choice for everything for us,
then. :-)

BTW this is keyboard mappings & labling, not font mapping.

But if I understand correctly, this is more a GTK+ problem
than a Dia problem?

Yes, it probably is... Dia should probably adhere to the "standard"
here, as a conforming GTK application. But if the "standard" allows for
any choice of behavior in this regards, I think Dia should seriously
consider it.

Or we might just start lobbying among the GTK developers... :-)


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