Re: Review of Keybindings [Re: Dia's user interface]

disclaimer when i write Ctrl+
i mean Ctrl then another key, emacs users seem to prefer the convention C-x C-q
but it is should be fairly clear what i mean.

I don't think Ctrl-> (Ctrl-.) and Ctrl-< (Ctrl-,) are difficult...
uncommon, but not difficult. This, of course, is assuming that Ctrl-. and
Ctrl-, would be equivalent, instead of Ctrl-> meaning Ctrl-Shift-. .

Ctrl-> (properly Shft-Ctrl->) is not the same shortcut as Ctrl-.
Shift-Control would be silly, but Ctrl-./Ctrl-, seems odd.  Dunno what to
do there.

Taking a similar function as an example
Ctrl++ and Ctrl+- are used for Zoom In/Out
but some cleverer programs realise that + is in fact Shift = and allow
both = and + (some programs allow only = which i find annoying)

Or maybe i am imagining it and there are no programs that clever and they
all use either = or + but not both.

So perhaps use both Ctrl+. and Ctrl+, and Ctrl+< Ctrl+>

Actually that is very inelegant.

But let me think about this a bit more
the functions are:

Send to the very Back
Send to the very Front
but also
Send Backwards
Send Forwards

would using the keys [] and {} clash with anything?  (i see Tom also
suggests this, should be okay on all the various Qwerty US/UK keyboards
dont know about French AZERTY keyboards or anything else unfortunately).

The great thing about this is you have Send Backwards and the the same
shorcut plus shift to send right to the very back.
simliar functions are often grouped using shift, Print Ctrl+P and Print
Setup/Preview Ctrl+Shift+P

Hope i am making myself clear, stream of consciousness, tendency to ramble
like some sort of crazy old man and what-not ... Tired need food ...

Finally found the HIG (not easily found from

Where is it? I clicked on Alan's link, but it's seriously outdated (no
updates in ~1.5 years).

I think that's the one.  HIG v. 0.1.  If there's a newer one, I can't find

Human Interface Guide
(as mentioned in other mail)

Mise le meas
Alan Horkan

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