Re: Review of Keybindings [Re: Dia's user interface]

I have used a few applications that implement this, notably
a text editor in Windows. IIRC, it had several search
shortcuts, all of which where in the form Ctrl+F, another
letter. E.g., Ctrl+F,F would "search again", Ctrl+F,N would
start a new search, Ctrl+F,B would "search backwards", etc.

is Search/Find really a function that Dia is likely to add at a later

The convention seems to be Ctrl+F for find and Ctrl+G for find
again, or find and replace.  (note: G is beside F on the keyboard).

Personally i think that any reasonably complicated application (Mozilla
for example) should combine the Find and Replace dialogue and the dialog
should be modal making a seperate keybindig for Find Again redundant

Mise le meas
Alan Horkan

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