RE: Review of Keybindings [Re: Dia's user interface]

I don't think Ctrl-> (Ctrl-.) and Ctrl-< (Ctrl-,) are difficult...
uncommon, but not difficult. This, of course, is assuming that
Ctrl-. and
Ctrl-, would be equivalent, instead of Ctrl-> meaning Ctrl-Shift-. .

Ctrl-> (properly Shft-Ctrl->) is not the same shortcut as Ctrl-.
Shift-Control would be silly, but Ctrl-./Ctrl-, seems odd.  Dunno what to
do there.

Ok, wasn't sure... perhaps Ctrl-[ (front) and Ctrl-] (back). Of course,
Ctrl-[ is the same as ESC, which could be problematic.

Oh... and another note - the delete key should really be delete object... I
don't quite get why it wouldn't be. Yes, single-button altering effect and
all that, but it's one of those things that users just expect to work.
"What do you mean the delete key doesn't delete things?"

I guess I'll go muck around with what the HIG says regarding it. Just seems
silly to me.

And to reply to another message - yes, the fact that a usability website is
so confusing is, well, apropos of a lot of things...

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