RE: Support for links and id tags

Björn Medin wrote:

I found Dia very useful for making various diagrams
for publishing on the web. Simply by saving as svg
and moving to the web. I have manually edited the svg-file
and added <a xlink:href="link.htm"> for linking. To
enable later processing I have grouped the objects into
<g id="234"> groups.

Is there any support for adding <a> links in Dia. 
For later processing it would be nice with a id tag
for the shape objects. 

Can I have multiple testfields in a shape?
Just adding a second <textbox > did not do the trick.

I guess I have to turn to coding to implement part of my
requirements. Is there any documentation on how to handle
more complicated shapes libraries?

Linking has been discussed on the mailing list quite often, but never
implemented. Take a look through the archives to see the discussion so far.

As for multiple <textbox> fields, this is currently not possible. If you
look in the objects/custom/ directory you will find the current code for
implementing custom shapes (i.e. ones defined using a subset of SVG). The
shapes are stored shapes/ and the documentation that describes this is in

The objects/custom/ code (i.e. the Custom Shapes plugin) would be the place
to start to add multiple <textbox> fields. If you do decide to implement
this feature (please do!) I'm very keen on being able to name these fields -
that is, each <textbox> field has an optional name or description. For
example, for drawing circuit diagrams there might be a resistor and it has
two <textbox> fields : Value and Reference. This would enable other tools to
extract this information and process it. You may also like to implement
default text so that once can specify a default in the .shape file.

Good luck!


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