Re: dia extension for cybernetic diagrams

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Thorsten Roggendorf wrote:

since that little piece of information seems to have been overlooked in
my previous post:
I have written an extension for dia in svg. It's currently 30 shapes and
I think the basics for cybernetic diagrams are all there (well, at least
together with the flowchart shapes).
I used dia to draw the shapes, but all the code was cleaned up and tuned
to be as elegant and readable as somebody who has never written xml (me)
can achieve. The icons are all drawn with gnome-icon edit (man that
bugger crashed dozens of times) and look fine. All connection points are
edited to make sense for cybernetic diagrams.
And now I'd like to share that. Where do I send it? What do I do with

Just post a URL for them here on the list, or if you can't put it on a
webserver, mail it to the list (preferably compressed).


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