Re: Creating output

I have had similar problems, under Red Hat 7.2.

When I go to edit a particular diagram, it will not let me print it,
either to a printer or a file.  The application just freezes after
clicking the "Ok" button in the print dialog.
Pasting the entire contents into a new diagram allows it to print.

Because of the nature of my diagram (LAN topology, lots of small items
on one page), I need to scale the page to 20x.  I noticed in the
original diagram that in the Page Setup, if I selected a "Fit To" value
and then went back to Scale, the Scale changes from "20.0" to "Nan".  On
inspection of the XML file, this value is saved as "nan", presumably
indicating a non-numeric value.  This does not happen on a newly-created
file, so possibly is a source of the problem?

Also, "obj_bb" fields are added to the XML file.  Even if I explicitly
delete the relevant obj_bb lines from the file, on reloading and saving,
Dia puts the same values back.  Are these bounding boxes?  Some of them
have ridiculously high values, such as "4.4449e+169".  I thought perhaps
this notation was making the postscript renderer barf?

Any ideas?


Claudio Mike Hofer wrote:

It's me again.

I tried agin and strange things happend.

if i copy my network layout to a new diagramm i con save and print it. if i
modity this new diagramm then i'm not able to print, create the PS file.

On Friday 12 April 2002 10:03, you wrote:
Hi all,

i have some problems with my version of dia 0.88.1, but only a few days.

i use rh 7.2 and have updated my system recently with all patches from rh.
i think since there the print section and also the export section doesn't

i take a look the the archive but have found nothing.

can someone help me. i need to print a network layout.

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