Re: Chen-ERD and Crow's Foot Diagrams?

On 2002.04.06 02:47 Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Le Sat, Apr 06, 2002, à 08:18:10AM +0200, Daryl Manning a écrit:

> Just seemed like a fast easy way to support Crow's Feet and it is
> they happen to do in Visio anyway?

I'm lost. What are crow's feet diagrams ? Can you give me a pointer ?

Information Engineering (a.k.a.: Crow's Feet, IE, Information Engineering Methodology, IEM) and IDEF (especially IDEF1X) are common standards for ER diagrams. I think Visio supports IE (I've never used Visio), ERwin supports IE and IDEF1X (and possibly UML in later versions I think). ER/Studio supports IDEF1X and possibly others.

An example of IE is on page 12 of this rather large PDF file:

An example of IDEF1X is on pages 26-28 of this PDF file:

In fact this is the entire IDEF1X standard.

Although they have varying degrees of expressiveness, traditional ER (like Dia uses), Chen, IE, IDEF1X, and UML-as-ER (like I used in the SQL plug-in), are just different notations for representing the same underlying ER model, which is why I suggested they be unified under another application. It could be done by Dia, but it would involve some radical surgery of the ER and UML code, and I don't know if it's worth the risk of dinging up these two imporant features.


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