Re: Chen-ERD and Crow's Foot Diagrams?

On 2002.04.04 15:14 Daryl Manning wrote:
I apologize if it is a repeated request. I imagine it would be quite
useful as there doesn't seem to be a non-commercial tool (in linux or
windows even) out there that I could find that does this (if someone
one, I'd certainly appreciate a link). I'm currently in the process of
covnerting my entire life from Windows to Linux and this would
help as well as roughly a dozen people I can think of off the top of
head... =}

I am not a modelling or database expert, nor do I play one on TV... =}
However, I would be willing to try and undertake this if someone could
point me where to begin (ie. a description of what's involved etc.) in
terms of programming/editing. I imagine it's not so difficult as just
requiring a lot of slog work (ie. nothing brilliant required as the
is basically already done).

and er, I didn't know what DiaCanvas2 was and the DiaCanvas widget
on the Dia site appears not to work.

It's at:


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