Re: Chen-ERD and Crow's Foot Diagrams?

Le Sat, Apr 06, 2002, à 08:18:10AM +0200, Daryl Manning a écrit:
Actually, just thinking on a fast and dirty way to handle this for Crows
Footing rather than completely reinventing the wheel with DiaCanvas.

While it isn't really "proper" support for the model and only the
diagram, I was wondering if it was possible to just add the types of
"endings" (ie. the crow's feet and such) to the start and ending line
options pulldown lists and handle it that way?

Just seemed like a fast easy way to support Crow's Feet and it is what
they happen to do in Visio anyway?

I'm lost. What are crow's feet diagrams ? Can you give me a pointer ?

        -- Cyrille


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