Re: Chen-ERD and Crow's Foot Diagrams?

Actually, just thinking on a fast and dirty way to handle this for Crows
Footing rather than completely reinventing the wheel with DiaCanvas.

While it isn't really "proper" support for the model and only the
diagram, I was wondering if it was possible to just add the types of
"endings" (ie. the crow's feet and such) to the start and ending line
options pulldown lists and handle it that way?

Just seemed like a fast easy way to support Crow's Feet and it is what
they happen to do in Visio anyway?

Anyone see any major obstacles to changing Dia to work that way?



On Fri, 2002-04-05 at 04:32, Andrew S Halper wrote:
On 2002.04.04 15:14 Daryl Manning wrote:
I apologize if it is a repeated request. I imagine it would be quite
useful as there doesn't seem to be a non-commercial tool (in linux or
windows even) out there that I could find that does this (if someone
one, I'd certainly appreciate a link). I'm currently in the process of
covnerting my entire life from Windows to Linux and this would
help as well as roughly a dozen people I can think of off the top of
head... =}

I am not a modelling or database expert, nor do I play one on TV... =}
However, I would be willing to try and undertake this if someone could
point me where to begin (ie. a description of what's involved etc.) in
terms of programming/editing. I imagine it's not so difficult as just
requiring a lot of slog work (ie. nothing brilliant required as the
is basically already done).

and er, I didn't know what DiaCanvas2 was and the DiaCanvas widget
on the Dia site appears not to work.

It's at:

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