Re: Reporting message...

Le mar, sep 18, 2001, ï 07:40:15 -0500, Lars Clausen a ïcrit:

I got the autoconf thing to work, but the broken EML library still hangs
around after a distclean.  Are the .libs not included in distclean?

I don't think so.

The script doesn't seem to include a number of plugins, is
that on purpose?  They're installed by make install.
normally, the plugin loaded now does a recursive search when it
encounters a magic tag in the DIA_PLUGIN_PATH (double slash, IIRC). This
is a convenience feature I wrote this summer. Is this broken ?

No, but we're missing the line


with _your_ login account ? 
what about 

Oh, well. I assume it's not a bug, then (I hope I haven't mis-understood

(yes, I actually type that long a path to go in my dia work directory.
Almost as fast as my home password :-] )

        -- Cyrille

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