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On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

Le mar, sep 18, 2001, � 06:54:28 -0500, Lars Clausen a �crit:
Finally got through the i18n problems (autoconf2.13/2.52 on Debian is a
bit odd).  The CVS head fails in the end at dia.desktop, but the program
runs.  I need to make clean, as the EML stuff is spouting error at me.

Yes, this autoconv2.13 stuff is running on my nerves too. Testing should
be dictatorial enough, to keep in sid those packages which can't cope
with autoconf 2.50. 
This mess was bad enough, that I scripted a small way out 
(try `ACFLAVOUR=2.50 ./ $STUFF`)

I got the autoconf thing to work, but the broken EML library still hangs
around after a distclean.  Are the .libs not included in distclean?

The script doesn't seem to include a number of plugins, is
that on purpose?  They're installed by make install.
normally, the plugin loaded now does a recursive search when it
encounters a magic tag in the DIA_PLUGIN_PATH (double slash, IIRC). This
is a convenience feature I wrote this summer. Is this broken ?

No, but we're missing the line



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