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Le lun, sep 17, 2001, à 07:57:24 -0500, Lars Clausen a écrit:

I'm running Dia 0.89-test2 (remotely across the Atlantic:) and got this

Your local character set is UTF-8.  Because of issues with libxml1 and the
support of files generated by previous versions of dia [sic], you will
encounter problems.  Please report this message to dia-list gnome org 

Argh. Fortunately, this happens with you first (almost).

See the comments at the beginning of xml_file_check_encoding() and the end
of xmlDiaSaveFile() (both in lib/dia_xml.c) -- I wish someone had a better

I have libxml2 2.4.3 and libxml1 1.8.14, configure seems to prefer
libxml1.  I gave no options to configure.  I don't know where to look for
the charset.

Well, while switching to libxml2 forever is very highly desirable, the guys
in charge of the GNOME 1.4 release decided their core libraries should stick
to libxml1 (despite all the transitional stuff in place for years). So, if
you're building a pristine gtk dia, with no python plug-ins, you can indeed
use libxml2. Bring in the single drop of other xml-using libraries, and
you're heading into linker trouble, fast. And if you're going to make a
GNOME build, it's a no-no: GNOME 1.x insist on dragging in libxml1.

It is very possible that your machine is not really using UTF-8 but ASCII
(since you're using Debian, and unless you specifically tuned it to use
UTF-8, chances are very high that you've got a pure ASCII 7-bit machine
instead of an UTF-8 one. get_local_charset() deliberately misreports ASCII
as UTF-8, to avoid trouble with the libxml dual-headed thingie we have in
libxml1 1.8.13+ ). If this is the case, especially if you have no diacritics
and strictly latin script text, then you might treat this warning as a false

I think the last commit by Hans should prevent dia from moaning, when
the diagram's character usage is strictly included in ASCII. Which is
definitely a Good Thing (tm) (his latest patch does other Good Things to the
Win32 port, which will have Good Impact for the GTK2 transition overall).

Can you give the CVS Head a try ? 

        -- Cyrille


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