Re: Ascii?

Le mar, sep 18, 2001, ï 04:07:06 -0500, Lars Clausen a ïcrit:

Another passerby suggested rendering using OpenGL's 2d primitives, allowing
use of the accellerated graphics cards.  I'm not gonna do that right now,

Heh... One idea might be to write a gdk renderer using OpenGL. All of GNOME
would benefit, if that indeed brings a benefit.
Maybe a port of gtk to Berlin would be a good idea, while we're at it !

Just when you thought plug-ins were safe:)


I also applied the MetaPost plug-in submitted earlier.  If the encoding
issues aren't bad enough to stop it, I shall commit.

shoot -- I had promised to apply it, but didn't manage to find the time.
The second tarball (with the GPL fix) which has been posted is of
adequate quality (don't forget the NEWS and ChangeLog. It would probably 
be good if you had time to make this a configure option, but it won't
hurt much if it's built by default and crashes sometime (which I

        -- Cyrille


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