Re: metapost plugin

Le ven, sep 14, 2001, à 02:17:13 -0400, Chris Sperandio a écrit:

Hopefully, the new attachment takes care of this.  Is there a way to get
this into the tree? (assuming it's worth it)

If it works for you (I assume it does, of course), and if I manage to compile 
it without hassle, and if I find enough time this week-end, I'll include it,
probably with a --enable switch defaulting to false (and experimental label, 
yadda yadda) for this release.

[charset nitpicking]
I've glanced over it again, it looks like the only problem to solve is
metapost's view of encodings (and in particular, how will MP react with
UTF-8 input, and/or if it can be told to expect UTF-8 streams). I see no
character-level string handling in the code you've posted, so this part is
not a problem.

        -- Cyrille


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