Re: metapost plugin

Le mar, sep 11, 2001, à 02:33:50 -0400, Chris Sperandio a écrit:
I've hacked together a metapost output plugin.  I'm too dumb to figure
out how to use cvs to build the patch. 

It's incomplete, unfortunately, but it does a lot.

Looks mostly good (I haven't actually compiled it). One issue and two
        * you need to add your copyright and a summary of your changes to
the first comment block, in order to comply with the GPL.

        * What happens if I run a diagram through your plug-in, and the text
strings are using ISO-8859-1 diacritics ? If the text does not use the Latin
alphabet at all (think Greek, Russian, Japanese, etc.), and thus is not even
8859-1 ? 
        * What happens if I pass an UTF-8 encoded string to ->draw_string() ?
(I should not do that for the moment -- this interface is local charset for
the time being. Basically, this question boils down to: do you do anything
        for (char *p = str; *p; p++) do_something(*p);

The issue is a blocker, but is trivial to fix. The questions are just to
assess the amount of work needed to make that module happy when we flip the

        -- Cyrille


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