Re: metapost plugin

On Thu, 2001-09-13 at 05:14, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:


Currently, all there is in the header is Alex's copyright. From my
of the GPL, since you made major "modifications" from the pstricks plug-in,
you should replace the original copyright line by something like:
   Metapost plugin copyright (C) $YEAR, $YOURNAME
   Originally derived from the pstricks plug-in $ALEX_COPYRIGHT

For minor modifications, simply writing a correct ChangeLog entry looks like
a practice widely accepted as sufficient (even though the GPL's text asks
that the <<modified files>> themselves carry the <<prominent notices stating
[the changes and date thereof]>>). But for major changes (or a fork,
like in this case), the core GPL language shall apply. 

Hopefully, the new attachment takes care of this.  Is there a way to get
this into the tree? (assuming it's worth it)

[charset nitpicking]


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