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At 09:24 14.09.01 +0200, Dia ChangeLog Daemon wrote:
Snapshots available at

*** Recent ChangeLog entries:

--- ChangeLog.previous Sun Sep  9 09:23:18 2001
+++ dia-cvs-snapshot/ChangeLog Fri Sep 14 09:23:16 2001
@@ -1,3 +1,39 @@
+2001-09-13  Cyrille Chepelov  <chepelov calixo net>
+      * lib/charconv.c: (get_local_charset): at least please try to not
+      silently change the logic, while avoiding crashes.

Logic ? I can't see the logic :)

here's the IMHO questionable function:

int get_local_charset(char **charset) 
  static char *this_charset = NULL;
  static int local_is_utf8 = 0;

  if (this_charset) {
    *charset = this_charset;
    return local_is_utf8;

  local_is_utf8 = unicode_get_charset(charset);
  *charset = NULL;

 // ...

below then, if UNICODE isn't defined it is complained about
not having an encoding (not a  miracle, because it is set
to NULL explicit.) 
Is it supposed to almost silently break if HAVE_UNICODE isn't 
defined ?

Or may there g_get_charset () be used, which knows about
charset determination on win32 ? (Mine returns 'CP1252')

On the other hand this gives the nice ability to complain for every
older file _AND_ finally not being able to ready _any_ of it ?

Suggestions beside avoiding 'Dia 0.89 rcx' on win32 ?

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