Re: dia Win32 0.89 installer

Le jeu, sep 13, 2001, à 09:16:42 +0200, Hans Breuer a écrit:

AFAIK it's all your code :) I haven't changed anything in this area
but GTK_TALKS_UTF8_WE_DONT is defined and it's using libxml2 ...

ah, it's using libxml2. I guess I'm guilty, then. And yes, unless gtk
doesn't talk UTF8, this symbol should be defined for win32 (there are still
many places to fix, like when editing an UML note with diacritics. This is
in my TODO list, basically, I've got all of app/ yet to audit for UTF-8).

See my previous mail. But as always: patches accepted :-)

I'm not going to send patches specifically designed for a platform I can't
build and test on, unless these are really trivial patches. This certainly
rules out Win32-specific code (because my employer won't pay me to write
Borland makefiles).

        -- Cyrille


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