* lib/font.c : Trying to reflect that GTK_TALKS_UTF8_WE_DONT

This is mostly good indeed in the GTK_TALKS_UTF8_WE_DONT case (it might
break with an EUC encoding, but I don't know nor want to even bother
supporting that) . However, if both dia and gtk talk UTF-8 (a.k.a, GNOME2 case), 
we default back to calling gdk_text_extents() on each of the first 256 characters 
of the UCS-4 table. Obviously extremely wrong in an Unicode context (this is old 
code, of course).

I don't know what's the most sensible thing to do. It looks like this
routines are only of use to the libart renderer. Do we really need to keep
this around forever, or will Pango give us a functional equivalent ?

For the time being, I've committed a #error if we have GTK_TALKS_UTF8 but
not GTK_TALKS_UTF8_WE_DONT. I hope someone eventually finds an idea on what
to do here.

        -- Cyrille


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