Re: dia Win32 0.89 installer

Le jeu, sep 13, 2001, à 07:27:33 +0200, Steffen Macke a écrit:

based on the new release from Hans I put a new Win32
Installer together. Maybe some of you have time to test it.
You can get it from
I'll make the release on sourceforge just before 0.89 is
released officially.

Keeps refusing to install on a machine on which 0.88."2" has been installed
previously, but had been uninstalled.

removing the "dia" key from HKCU\Software didn't help.
removing HKCR\diaFile, OTOH, solved the problem.

(this file should be renamed as dia-0.89-test2-setup.exe ! we don't want to
start again the 0.88 versioning mess, do we ?)

        -- Cyrille


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