Re: dia Win32 0.89 installer

Le jeu, sep 13, 2001, à 09:02:42 +0200, Hans Breuer a écrit:

BUT BEWARE: (This is what I original wrote to Steffen, only translated)
A new version is available at
but it's almost untested. I also seriously doubt if the recent changes
really justify a new version. (Much restructuring, all new bugs ?, no
essential new features ...) 

Yes it does. Quite a few crashers have disappeared since 0.88.x ; we also
stop generating rubbish "xml" files with no encoding spec. And, the
conversion of RenderObjects to Shapes means they now have all features of
shapes (you couldn't change their attributes beforehand). This I think *is* 
a new feature.

Basically, what you have compiled is something a bit later than 0.89-test2,
it seems it includes the last libxml fixes.  It's definitely a 0.89 *release
candidate*, but not 0.89 (I would really like to avoid the mess we had with
0.88.x. Please.). So, please, let's have a single point of version
increment, short of developing InterlockedIncrement() for developers....

Finally, while 0.88."2" was a bit crashey on win32 (with my current
work-workstation), I've used that 0.89 release candidate about a hour and a 
half today, and it has almost not crashed (almost, because it crashed when I did
a file...print (to operation. Except that, it has been very solid
with quite large UML diagrams).

This increased stability, in my book, does justify a new release. In fact,
we should have had at least two releases between 0.88.1 and now. One per
fixed crasher.

        -- Cyrille


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