Build problem with dia-0.88.1


I had a problem with the sgml files while building dia-0.88.1. I got a whole bunch of errors like

Working on: /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/dia-0.88.1/doc/en/dia-manual.sgml
jade:/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/dia-0.88.1/doc/en/dia-manual.sgml:1:66:W: cannot generate system identifier for public text "-//GNOME//DTD DocBook PNG Variant V1.1//EN" jade:/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/dia-0.88.1/doc/en/dia-manual.sgml:16:0:E: reference to entity "BOOK" for which no system identifier could be generated jade:/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/dia-0.88.1/doc/en/dia-manual.sgml:1:0: entity was defined here jade:/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/dia-0.88.1/doc/en/dia-manual.sgml:16:0:E: DTD did not contain element declaration for document type name jade:/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/dia-0.88.1/doc/en/dia-manual.sgml:18:9:E: there is no attribute "ID" jade:/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/dia-0.88.1/doc/en/dia-manual.sgml:18:16:E: element "BOOK" undefined jade:/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/dia-0.88.1/doc/en/dia-manual.sgml:20:10:E: element "BOOKINFO" undefined jade:/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/dia-0.88.1/doc/en/dia-manual.sgml:21:8:E: element "TITLE" undefined

When the error count got to 200 (on usage-objects.sgml), jade gave up and the rpm build process failed :-(

I've got RH7.1 with openjade-1.3-13 installed.


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