Re: feature request

Le dim, sep 02, 2001, à 05:41:07 +0200, Abraham van der Merwe a écrit:

So for instance I have 10 dia files. They all should be converted to xfig
format (.fig), and they should use a 30% scale. I want something like this:

for F in *.dia
      dia --scale 30 --export-format=fig $F

Actually, --export-format (or -x for short) would be extremely useful to
implement #58197. I don't really see the point of --scale, but that's
because I never write "documents" with dia, only "figures" which I then
embed into documents, whose document processor is smart enough to handle
scaling itself (but I understand that it would be useful to some).

The GNOME build of dia has some support for --export-format; you can try
something like:
for Fin in *.dia
  Fout=`basename $Fin .dia`.fig
  dia-gnome --export $Fout $Fin

however, the --export-format would be much nicer (and useful for non-Win32
too, since it would lead to simpler shell scripts).

        -- Cyrille


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