Re: test release of dia-0.89

Le dim, sep 02, 2001, à 01:41:04 -0300, Dolores Alia de Saravia a écrit:

 configure: error: Both libxml1 and libxml2 found. You need to choose one or face crashes.\n We advise you 
use only libxml1 for the moment.

just remove the libxml 2.3.9 *development* packages. Most GNOME 1.x programs
can't use them, anyway.

Yes, this scheme sucks, but I couldn't figure how to tweak the Makefiles so
that the package builds using libxml1 even if libxml2 happens to also be
installed (this applies only to the *devel* packages, library packages can
happily be both installed).

        -- Cyrille


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