Font and PS Problems


I have two problems using dia 0.88.1.

Since I upgrade my Linux operation system (and simultaneously to the new dia
version) I get an error message if I want to select a font other than the
default font e.g. helvetica):
     Warning no X font Helevetica found,
     using -acobe-courier-medium-r-normal-*-%d-...... instead

The command
     $  xlsfonsts | grep helvetica
show me a long list of  helevtica fonts, so in my opinion the fonts are
How can find dia the X-fonts? Is there a environment variable that point to the
fonts directory or something similar?

I export a diagram to encapsulated postscript and want to embedd this in an
groff formated document. The grops program (part of the groff formating system)
print out an error message like "PostScript file non-conforming because length
of line exceeds 255". I don´t know if there a "standard", limiting the length of
an postscript line. The question here is: Is it possible to change the PS-Plugin
to generate postscript files with lines less than 255?

At last I have an idee for a additional connection point for most of the
objects. Currently all of the objects have connection points at the border of
the object.
The problem is: If you connect two objects with connection points at the border,
and you rearrange the objects (for example from northeast to northwest) you need
to transfer the connection points at both objects.

     +---+                                                               +---+
     |      |                                                                |
     +---+                                                               +---+
             \                                                             /
               +-----+                                      +-----+
               |         |                                       |        |
               +-----+                                      +-----+
If the objects have an connection point at the center of it, and both objects
are above (Objectmenu: "Bring to front")  the connecting line you can rearrange
both objects together, without transfer the connection points. The only
requirement is: The object must have a center connection point, and the
connecting lines must be below the connected object. Ok, the objects themselves
can´t be transparent (draw background must be yes).



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