Re: More keybindings, 2nd thoughts...

That was me:)  <Ctrl>+F would be a good replacement.
But what about plain F

Ctrl+F would be more consistant

That's one problem with standards (UI or otherwise).
Why shouldn't my graphics application use [a-zA-Z] as
efficient, intuitive shortcuts, just because a word
processor can't?  Solidworks (a mid-range CAD program)

Dia does have a text editing component which i have to be aware of,
and has already choosen to use these kinds of keybindings,
im just trying to tweak them.

Consistancy across a whole Operating System makes life easier.  Not using
CommandKey+Modifier would confuse me, ive been using either a Mac or a PC
for so long.
Thank goodness the GTK developers had the sense to allow you to override
the default keybindings

has a great set of default bindings that make it nice to

f  zoom full (view all or <ctrl>+a in Dia)
w  zoom window
p  pan
z  zoom out (Dia uses -)
Z  zoom in (Dia uses = (unshifted +))
b  back (last view coordinates and zoom level - a
feature I'd love Dia to have, BTW)

maybe you could add views/zooms to the the undo list?

I've assinged as many logical, single key shortcuts to
Dia functions as Dia will allow.  Unfortunately, that's
not all of them.

I'm looking forward to your work.  More key bindings are
better than fewer.  But please take care to reassign
shortcuts, not just replace them.

i had better get on with making the necessary patch...

Select All      Ctlr+A
Select None     Ctrl+Shift+A
Select Invert   Ctrl+I

Zoom to Fit     Ctrl+F  (was View Show All)
Clear           Ctrl+K  (was Delete)

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