More keybindings, 2nd thoughts...

when i suggested the use of Ctrl+A for Select All 
instead of Show All some one said they really value that feature and
that i would have to suggest something else instead.  (im sorry i dont
know who, im terrible at keeping old email i have a stricty limited

So i went back to the drawing board (litterally) and used dia some more
and Show All is a really useful feature, and i can undestand why you
appreciate having a keybinding for it.    

Show All means show all the diagram in the current window, "Fit All" or
"Zoom to Fit"
Dia does not have a Find function and it seems to me that it is unlikely
to have one, so how about relabeling the menu item and using Ctrl+F ?  
Or maybe use one of the keys F2 - F12 ? 

i realise the F keys are more awkward than Ctrl+A, and any new
keybinding will take some getting used to but i just need to Free up
Ctrl+A and then i can add Ctrl+Shift+A and Ctrl+I (Select All, None, and
Invert respectively).  
Arcrobat Reader uses Ctrl+0, but using numbers is advised against in the
Gnome guidelines.  

Of course i can always assign these keybindings manually myself [*] and
even override the Show All Ctrl+A, but it offends my sense of following
best practic.  I'd rather go to the source.  
I tried really hard here, and i hope we can get a something we can agree
on.  If my suggestion is not to your liking please suggest something

[*] this is probaby worth mentioning in the Manual (Customisation
section perhaps?)
(saying it as much help me to remember to do it as to encourage anyone
else to...)


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