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That was me:)  <Ctrl>+F would be a good replacement.  But what about plain F
or A?  I have set as many of my Dia shortcuts as possible to unshifted keys,
e.g., W is window zoom, P is Pan, etc.  I said "as many as possible" because
of a quirk of the Dia (GTK+?) interface.  Shortcuts are assigned by
highlighting the target command in the pop-up menu and pressing the desired
shortcut.  An unshifted key can only be assigned if none of the menu items
have accelerators (i.e., an underlined character that can be pressed rather
than clicking on the item).

Unshifted shortcuts keys don't interfere with Dia's operation, because text
input is not a typical operation. They only apply to the canvas, so when a
dialog has the focus, they are overridden.  Likewise, when a note is edited
directly in the canvas, the shortcuts are correctly overridden.

Off Topic: It would be nice if Dia had an alternative method of defining
shortcuts, so that any shortcut could be assigned to any command.  I've
tried editing the key bindings file (I forgot what it's called) to no avail.
Am I doing it wrong?  Does GIMP or another GTK+ application have code that
can be stolen?  That might be a first project that I could tackle.

I'm looking forward to your key bindings.  Shortcuts are much more efficient
than menus.

Rob Campbell
rob campbell att net

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when i suggested the use of Ctrl+A for Select All
instead of Show All some one said they really value that feature and
that i would have to suggest something else instead.  (im sorry i dont
know who, im terrible at keeping old email i have a stricty limited

So i went back to the drawing board (litterally) and used dia
some more
and Show All is a really useful feature, and i can undestand why you
appreciate having a keybinding for it.

Show All means show all the diagram in the current window,
"Fit All" or
"Zoom to Fit"
Dia does not have a Find function and it seems to me that it
is unlikely
to have one, so how about relabeling the menu item and using
Ctrl+F ?
Or maybe use one of the keys F2 - F12 ?

i realise the F keys are more awkward than Ctrl+A, and any new
keybinding will take some getting used to but i just need to Free up
Ctrl+A and then i can add Ctrl+Shift+A and Ctrl+I (Select
All, None, and
Invert respectively).
Arcrobat Reader uses Ctrl+0, but using numbers is advised
against in the
Gnome guidelines.

Of course i can always assign these keybindings manually
myself [*] and
even override the Show All Ctrl+A, but it offends my sense of
best practic.  I'd rather go to the source.
I tried really hard here, and i hope we can get a something
we can agree
on.  If my suggestion is not to your liking please suggest something

[*] this is probaby worth mentioning in the Manual (Customisation
section perhaps?)
(saying it as much help me to remember to do it as to encourage anyone
else to...)

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