Re: gnome guidelines and keybindings [Fwd: more keybindings]

Le mer, déc 12, 2001, à 12:46:16 -0800, Robert Campbell a écrit:
Cyrille wrote:
When we're gtk2/GNOME2, we'll have the possibility to
include DiaCanvas.

Is this referring to DiaCanvas 2, which is occassionally mentioned on this 
list, or something else?  


Does it mean utilizing DiaCanvas (2 or otherwise) in Dia or making 
DiaCanvas a generic widget for use in GTK2/GNOME2?  Just curious.

DiaCanvas (2 if you want) is already a generic widget, originally a spin off
of dia's canvas, now a more generic facility (or so I understand). It seems
it features a lot of cool features, including all incantations for Pango
support (and rotation IIRC).  Less code, more good code.
        -- Cyrille


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