Re: gnome guidelines and keybindings [Fwd: more keybindings]

Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

Le jeu, déc 13, 2001, à 01:39:29 +0100, Bob Marcan a écrit:
Not exactly on topic, but:
I have dia 0.88 running on Tru64.
What should i put in .gtkrc to enable DEL key to delete char backward?

I've got no idea. Isn't this more a general X configuration problem ?
Sorry, xmodmap and friends have never been my strong side.

        -- Cyrille


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If that was true, everything will work, as is should.
It is really gdk problem. Look at ???/include/gtk-1.2/gdk/gdkkeysyms.h.
Tnx anyway. I will change gdkkeysyms.h.


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