Re: plugins ... I say yeahy, any second on that ?

Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

Le ven, déc 07, 2001, à 11:34:12 +0200, reyn a écrit:

Dia2Code is a standalone application not a integrated plugin.
It would be really cool if it was a plugin, but its not.

aagh, look what ive started sorry!   

i know Dia supports plugins, and i know that if i want a feature i
should learn to code it
thats why i ended my post with a duck-and-run

Why couldnt dia support plugins ? Wouldnt that give it the edge
to compete with visio ? Doesnt visio have diagram checking , for
Please read the damn code before complaining. dia is almost only plug-ins
already. Arguably, cooking up a "command-line plug-in" which pipes the dia
file into a command line should be really a piece of cake to do (and

wish i had thought of that, my lamer programmings skillz should be able
to manage that a simple pipe or exec() type thingey (assuming i actually
get off my ass and do it)
Besides, who cares about competing with Visio ? I don't. And we sure have
two hell of advantages against it (hint: beer & speech).

very true
So, if you want stuff, please feel free to send patches (or spon$or someone
to do them).

 // \\   
/(   )\  

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