plugins ... I say yeahy, any second on that ?

All the resend messing is confusing the crap out of me, 
and i dont like to see a reasonable question go unanswered

After sending my first email to the list I found that the mail list
"bot" told me that my message wasnt delivered because I havent 
registered yet (something about dan being on the move :) so I 
resent it , anyways ...

so if you want to convert a Dia UML diagram to C++ use

Great , so there is a way of converting dia to c++ , yeahy :)

Dia2Code is a standalone application not a integrated plugin.  
It would be really cool if it was a plugin, but its not.

Why couldnt dia support plugins ? Wouldnt that give it the edge
to compete with visio ? Doesnt visio have diagram checking , for
example checking that there isnt any 'miracle' , 'back holes' and other
common diagram (flow?) errors ... 

but again its a pity its not a plugin

O but it could be ...

What do you need to implement plugins ? The biggest problem
is prob. keeping the thing portable ? I know gimp ported to win32
how did they do their plugins ... or wasnt that plugins ?

Would you like to do a little test , to see where plugins could
go ?

Why the hell not ? :)

reyn wrote:

I use dia for design before I implement my code. It would be
great to be able to click a button to convert the uml into
c++ code ... or have I missed it ?

Does your plugins currently support something like that ?
A plugin could have it's own window with whatever it wants
(buttons and stuff),  then we could even do flow diagram
checks etc.

Just a thought, more of a wish ... something to add value ...
or have I missed it ?

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