(sorry if this gets posted twice)

hi to all,
congratulations on this great program. 
very complete functionality yet a very nice and simple coding.
i actually find it  an excellent framework for anything you may describe by
a flow chart.
currently i am working on a music composition app which passes midi events
between dia objects.
i am very happy with the progress but have one question regarding the use
of the CopyFunc() by the "dia-cut-n-paste-engine". i noticed that if i do
copy and then paste on an object, this func (generally) gets called twice.
so one object is left in the clipboard (for eventual reuse i think i read
somewhere). i don't want this behaviour because i cant afford "wasting" an
can you tell me how/where to change this so copy gets called only once in
the copy/paste process ? 
or, alternatively, i would want to know wether an object is visible or in
the clipboard, so i maybe could turn off some things when it is in the
i appreciate any suggestions,
greetings daniel

Daniel Kottow                                    daniel kottow ipk fhg de
Security and Testing Technology        
Production Technology Centre                     Pascalstr. 8 - 9
Fraunhofer-Institut IPK Berlin                   D - 10587 Berlin

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