Re: plugins ... I say yeahy, any second on that ?

On 2001.12.07 02:34 reyn wrote:

Dia2Code is a standalone application not a integrated plugin.  
It would be really cool if it was a plugin, but its not.

Why couldnt dia support plugins ? Wouldnt that give it the edge
to compete with visio ? Doesnt visio have diagram checking , for

It does support plug-ins, just not a C++ (or any other code-generation-from-UML)
plug-in.  The plug-in source is in the subdirectory directory "plug-ins".

What do you need to implement plugins ? The biggest problem
is prob. keeping the thing portable ? I know gimp ported to win32
how did they do their plugins ... or wasnt that plugins ?

All one needs is an adequate knowledge of C.

Dia (along with its plug-ins) has a Windows port as well:

Would you like to do a little test , to see where plugins could
go ?

We're in the process of finding that out.


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