Re: colors & dia

Abraham van der Merwe wrote:


It seems dia 0.88.1 doesn't export xfig figures correctly when there's
colors in the diagram. I get the following error (or similar ones) with any
diagram containing colors:

attached you will find a small perl script to fix the xfig output
of dia, if you don't want to use cvs version yet.



fabian debus                                                        osz
geva                                             tel    +49-241-9200211
weiern 171                                       fax     +49-241-525294
d-52078 aachen                                 email     fdebus geva de

if($#ARGV != 1) {
        print "usage:\n\txfixdiaxfig input output\n";
        exit 1;
($in, $out) = @ARGV;

open IN, "<$in" or die "couldn't open input file";
open OUT, ">$out" or die "couldn't open output file";

for($i = 0; $i < 9; ++$i) {
        print OUT scalar(<IN>);

$pos = tell IN;
/^0 / && print OUT $_ while(<IN>);

seek IN, $pos, SEEK_SET;
/^0 / || print OUT $_ while(<IN>);

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