Re: uml->c++ plugin ?

reyn wrote:

I use dia for design before I implement my code. It would be
great to be able to click a button to convert the uml into
c++ code ... or have I missed it ?

Does your plugins currently support something like that ?
A plugin could have it's own window with whatever it wants
(buttons and stuff),  then we could even do flow diagram
checks etc.

Just a thought, more of a wish ... something to add value ...
or have I missed it ?

All the resend messing is confusing the crap out of me, 
and i dont like to see a reasonable question go unanswered

so if you want to convert a Dia UML diagram to C++ use

Generates code for: Ada, C, C++, Java, Python and SQL  

Dia2Code is a standalone application not a integrated plugin.  
It would be really cool if it was a plugin, but its not.  
If you are a point and click junkey like me you can use Kaptain
but again its a pity its not a plugin

/me ducks and hides, as people start shouting to at /me to shut 
up and implement it.   

 // \\   
/(   )\  

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