MAINTAINERS in svn -- have it or don't get any SVN account approved

Please read if you are the maintainer of a module in

The new accounts system will store maintainer information in LDAP.
Meaning, it'll know who the maintainers are for some module. People will
not be able to request SVN accounts for modules without such
information. To add this info in LDAP we need every module to have a
MAINTAINERS file in svn.
Note: Modules without such a file will be ignored (people cannot
request SVN accounts for such modules).

So in short:
1. Please ensure the following file exists in your SVN repos:
   /trunk/MAINTAINERS (no other place is ok)
2. The content resembles the following:

Some Name
E-mail: some email-address invalid
Userid: svn-account-name

Note that the userid is really important. Otherwise ensure that the
E-mail address is the one your @svn.g.o alias forwards to.


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